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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thinktank on August brand-e Campaigns Panel

This month the talk was all about crowdsourcing ... yet again. Here's an extract from the article on brand-e.biz
“So, Heineken is looking for new ideas around draught beer?” asks Sabine Stork of Thinktank. Normal punters are unlikely to be interested in ‘reinventing the draught experience’ – what’s wrong with a proper pint that needs reinventing?’ I hear them ask – so this is one for aspiring professionals and I suppose anyone working in the industry who might want to conduct a bit of competitive intelligence. You can’t really blame Heineken for putting out innovations briefs online, I’m sure they’ll get some good stuff out of it. “Taking the punter’s perspective, as researchers are duty bound to do, I am more intrigued by the crowdsourced Citroen. As long as Citroen Facebook fans are really able to recognise their suggestions in a real life, 3D, moving car, this seems a great way of making brand advocates into enthusiasts and shows Citroen as a company that really listens to its customers.” Jackson Collins of Grey New York gives a thumbs-up to the campaign, too. “Citroen has done a good job of making use of crowd sourcing in an innovative way that demonstrates their willingness to listen to consumers,” he says. “By involving people in the design process it creates a sense of ownership even before the first vehicle rolls out of the factory.” For the full article ... read: