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Monday, June 27, 2011

It’s been four weeks since I joined Thinktank as Head of Co-creation! Two brand days, three European trips, four new business meetings, five reports and numerous internal brainstorms later – here I am, finally getting a moment to write a blog post about joining the team.

It’s hard to describe how excited and enthusiastic I am about my new role – to the point where I actually feel for the Apprentice candidates (sir Alan! Lord Sugar! I’m so passionate!). I feel I’ve joined a great team of amazing thinkers (they really stand up to their name!), truly inspired and truly international researchers and a job title one can only dream of – Head of Co-creation!

As I was leaving Promise, my previous employer, one of my colleagues said: “This is a new era: you’ve got to be the first person in the UK with the word co-creation in their title”.

If this is true, I’m thrilled to be one of the pioneers and help drive Thinktank’s presence in the field forward! I do believe that co-creation is part of and driver of a new age in business– it’s capable of introducing more creativity, transparency, diversity, mass collaboration and unexpected social interaction into marketing and research. And of course it enables business to embrace a new type of ‘empowered’ consumer.

In my experience it can make the marketing ‘process’ not only lots more fun for all involved but also lead to a much better, more informed decision making.

What a world to embrace :) No wonder I’m excited!